Alloy® Personal Training Solutions is your turnkey answer for developing a world-class personal training business. Either as an insert into your large club or as a business model for your training studio, Alloy® Personal Training Solutions is the answer. Developing your pricing layers, creating and defining group personal training, assessing your physical space and tools needed, a sales system, training your trainers and the ongoing coaching/programming to ensure that you succeed are just a few of the benefits of the Alloy® systems. Check out our Shout Outs, have a look at The Systems and our Licensing options and let us know how we can help.

Alloy® is powerful. It's where strength and motion meet. Two things coming together to create something bigger, stronger, longer-lasting. With a superior personal training system, we offer proven solutions to gym-owners, trainers and members. Our platform delivers real results to gyms throughout the world. By empowering owners with easy and effective tools, we're helping them implement a business structure for success.



  • One full day of training at your facility
  • A certification from Alloy® for your fitness coaches
  • Programming for all three Team Training programs (Foundations, Afterburn and Industrial Strength) with 3 levels of each. That's 9 programs delivered weekly!
  • Our exclusive Small Group (2-4 people) and Private Training programming. Includes 3 programs per week each with 3 levels. That’s another 9 programs for your Small Group/Private clients!
  • Marketing materials to help launch and promote the programs
  • An on-boarding educational platform web portal with testing to help train future hires on how to run the Alloy® programs


  • All of the benefits from our programming level
  • Two full days of training for the sales teams and fitness coaches
  • The complete Alloy® PT sales system
  • A pricing structure and compensation suggestions for your market/club
  • Templates for client communication and human resources
  • This is our turn-key solution for your personal training department!


Just need a little help with your business? Come visit for a full or half day. Experience our environment, see things in action and discuss how similar systems would work in your business. If you can't make it to the ATL, we do plenty of phone coaching!



Using a systematic approach to selling and servicing your personal training programs will ensure that your customers have a consistently amazing experience with all of your training levels. The systems will drive your PT business and your people will drive the systems.


Once we partner, you will gain access to our exclusive online platform. The platform contains everything you will need to successfully run the Alloy® systems. Sales, the Program Design Card, the the programs, template emails and forms- basically, everything you'll need in an organized, easy to use layout. Also, you will receive your own portal and be able to assign different levels of access to your team for ongoing education and training.


We help you understand, build and price the different layers of personal training in your specific market.


Everything you need and a realistic timeframe to successfully launch the Alloy® systems. This includes facility layout, suggested equipment, a review of your current team and action steps to get you ready to run the systems.


A step-by-step, proven sales system. From touring the club to the ever so important meeting with the Director of Training, it is all here and easy to understand!


In your specific portal you will have access to the Program Design Card. The PDC allows you to build a personal profile for each client that is easily communicated to your coaches/clients. You will also be able to build specific programs for clients as well. All of the cards are organized and stored safely on the platform.


We will provide you with a different "product" (workout) for each layer of training. Create a consistent experience for every member, every time by keeping all of your trainers on the same page.


Retention systems to ensure that our members are reaching their goals and happy with our services. All of the sample forms and documents that you need are located on the platform.


Full video support for all of our programming with written descriptions of each exercise. There is video support for each and every exercise that includes a description of the benefits, equipment usage, proper form and the most effective coaching cues.


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